Showing in Budapest


‘I am not a robot – on the borders of the singularity’
Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Sept-November 2022

The exhibition explores the powerful impacts of today’s technological developments on everyday life. The focus is not simply on newer and more advanced media and techniques, but on their consequences in society and in the life of the individual. The artworks on display that focus on these changes use a variety of approaches to examine and propose strategies for dealing with these new challenges. They offer artistic approaches to well-known phenomena such as fake news, deepfake, digital detox, life-hack, filter bubble, alternative facts, CGI, artificial intelligence, ro(bot)s, online immortality…

Curators: KÉSZMAN József, MAJ Ajna, NOLASCO-RÓZSÁS Lívia, ÜVEGES Krisztina


Memo AKTEN, BarabásiLab, Aram BARTHOLL, Katriona BEALES, BINAURA (NAGY Ágoston & SAMU Bence), BIRKÁS Mona, BIRÓ Dávid, Zach BLAS & Jemima WYMAN, James BRIDLE, Arvida BYSTRÖM, Juan COVELLI, Jake ELWES, FÜLÖP Szabolcs, Fabien GIRAUD & Raphaël SIBONI, Neil HARBISSON & Pol LOMBARTE, Vladan JOLER & Kate CRAWFORD, KÚTVÖLGYI-SZABÓ Áron, Lawrence LEK, Cristina DE MIDDEL, Joana MOLL, PÁLL Tamás, Wilfredo PRIETO, SoniLab (Marco Buongiorno Nardelli), ZÁMORI Eszter