‘As We Are But Not As You Know Us’ Participatory Installation



Autograph, London

28 February – 14 March 2020

A participatory, green screen installation designed by Katriona Beales in response to the Family SEND program at Autograph.

Who do you want to be? And where? Step inside and see how green screen technology used in film and TV can be a tool for transformation, challenging how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.

With green screen, backdrops can be digitally layered onto anything green in a film set. These insertions can be drawings, photographs or moving images. Combined with filming on a live projection, the technology allows us to create and remake our surroundings as we perform – free to enjoy unfamiliarity.

Artist and educator Katriona Beales has used green screen in Autograph’s first-ever programme for children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities). With their families, children made films of themselves surrounded by the fantastical backdrops and props they created. Through play and collaboration, stories were told and alternate ways of being imagined.

As We Are But Not As You Know Us expands on these workshops, transforming the gallery into an installation of green fabric, video projection and sensory materials. During the course of the installation a series of workshops were open to members of the public and families, as well as a CPD event for arts professionals exploring Creative Play and SEND.

With special thanks to:

The parents, carers and children who have attended Autograph’s Family Workshops for Children with SEND

Alyssa McLennan and Mahul Patel, Family Workshops for Children with SEND volunteers

Part of Ways of Being, a month of exhibitions and events at Autograph focused on issues of visibility and disability. Curated by Ali Eisa and Lucy Keany.