FACT Commission


New work commissioned by FACT

A new work has been commissioned by FACT for ‘Group Therapy – Mental Distress in a Digital Age’, a group exhibition curated by Vanessa Bartlett and opening in opening in March 2015. The work address internet addiction, and explores the addictive qualities of both the online world and the physical devices that support users to access the internet.
As part of the research for this, I am in conversation with Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones, a clinical physchiatrist and the UK’s leading specialist in internet addiction. Dr. Bowden-Jones is also head of the NHS centre for online problem gambling. I will use selected extracts from interviews with Dr. Bowden-Jones as part of the soundtrack to the moving image installation.

More information on the work created through this commission is here:


Background image: Dr. Bowden-Jones noticeboard (2014) Katriona Beales