fold series


Fold series (2014) mixed media

A series of sculptural works drawing on research into ideas of the Digital Baroque, the materiality of the black glass mirror of the screen and Deleuze’s writings on the fold. All works consist of objects placed on top of a black glass table.
Kate Pantling writes “Deleuze explores the essence of the Baroque through the concept of ‘The Fold’. Instead of constituting a decorative layer following the line of form, in the Baroque period, the fold of cloth becomes a formal element, itself materialising form. Bernini’s bodies are lost in an exuberant drapery of excess. The fold is a serial continuous labyrinth resisting resolution. ‘The Baroque refers not to an essence but rather to an operative function, to a trait. It endlessly produces folds. The Baroque trait twists and turns its folds, pushing them to infinity, fold over fold, one upon the other. The Baroque fold unfurls all the way to infinity.’ [Deleuze p.3 (1993)”