Things that once were, as they are now


‘Things that once were, as they are now’ (2015) forms part of a collaborative artwork ‘Objects best shown to a stranger’ (2015) developed with Singapore based artist Shubigi Rao. Shown as part of the exhibition ‘Mysterious Objects at Noon’ at Objectifs Gallery in Singapore, March 2015.

Taking as a starting point wide ranging conversations about life in London and Singapore respectively, Katriona and Shubigi have based their contributions to ‘Mysterious Objects at Noon’ around seemingly mundane objects that have a peculiar resonance to them alone, embedded as they are with family memories and myth, becoming more than heirloom or keepsake. As the primary framer, facilitator and limiting factor to their collaborations, the screen between them came to be the corpus on which they wrote their stories, the empty geography and the arid wastes between the dead and those who remember them. Given that a lot is said about shrinking distances (and this technologically aided collaboration referenced that as well), the geographical gap remained as important as the virtual attempts made to (futilely) erase that gap. For ‘Objects best shown to a stranger’ Katriona used 3d visualisation software to capture and translate London-based objects into moving image work, while Shubigi made pointless offerings of dust.