‘Are we all addicts now?’ call for participants


How are our brains are adapting to digital tools and interfaces?

How are human ways of being are changing in response to online environments?

What does this means for art, culture and society?

PEER is inviting people to participate in 3 workshops as part of ‘Are we all addicts now?’ an artist-led enquiry by Katriona Beales, in partnership with curator Fiona MacDonald, into how the conditions of the digital are changing ways of being, focusing on internet addiction.

As part of ‘Are we all addicts now?’ PEER is hosting 3 workshops in May and June, exploring different aspects of internet addiction from a range of sometimes-contradictory perspectives.

Workshop 1: 23rd May 3-5pm

WE MAKE TOOLS AND TOOLS MAKE US – Neuroplasticity and brain chemistry / Dopamine and addiction / problematic feedback loops / can addiction be generative?

Workshops 2: 6th June 3-5pm

TOUCH ME – Digital Materiality / Physical-virtual touch / Seductive sites & objects of desire / Haptic technology – new interfaces

Workshop 3: 20th June 3-5pm

PORTALS & ESCAPISM – Psychological drivers behind addiction / disassociative states and the sublime / the experience of time / addiction as the logic of capital

Each workshop will feature 2 guest speakers and confirmed contributing speakers include:

Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones – clinicial psychiatrist specialising in online addictions www.imperial.ac.uk/people/h.bowdenjones02

Emily Rosamond – artist and writer www.emilyrosamond.com

Dr Mark Wright – haptic technology www.ljmu.academia.edu/MarkWright

Rob Sturgess – managing director of Red-C www.red-c.co.uk

Jonathan Rallings – assistant director policy Barnados www.barnardos.org.uk/youth_and_the_internet_report.pdf


We are seeking 10 participants who will ideally be able to attend all 3 workshops (dates 23rd May, 6th June and 20th June all at 3-5pm). To apply, please email an expression of interest to [email protected]peeruk.org by Thursday 14th April.


There is an honorarium of £20 per participant per workshop to cover travel and associated costs.


More information:

Katriona Beales www.katrionabeales.com/works/white-matter/

‘Are we all addicts now?’ blog www.tumblr.com/blog/online-addict

Supported by the Wellcome Trust.


PEER www.peeruk.org/katrionabeales/

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