ArtsFeedrTM opens 1st November 2019


I’m very pleased to have some work included in this exhibition curated by Sapphire Paston.  Press release_ArtsFeedr exhibition


Art Hub Studios, 5-9 Creekside, Deptford, SE8 4SA

Evening opening: Fri 1st November / 6 – 9pm
Open: Fri 1st – Sun 3rd November / 11 – 6pm

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ArtsFeedr™ is a start-up on a mission: to optimise the art exhibition. Exchange data for cultural capital at this pop-up experience, exploring commercial surveillance, self-tracking, online labour and the pressure to be productive through moving image, sculpture and sound. In today’s competitive attention economy, your time is valuable to @artsfeedr.

Artworks by:

Elisa Giardina Papa @elisagiardinapapa

Jeremy Hutchison @jeremyhutchison

Katriona Beales @bealesabout

Luke Nairn @lukenairn

Jennifer Lyn Morone

Curated by: Sapphire Paston @sapphirepapaya

Supported by: Arts Council England / Art Hub Studios @arthublondon / Deptford X @deptfordx / Goldsmiths Exhibitions Hub @GoldExhibitions / GreatArt @greatart_uk

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