IMPAKT online project – Disrupt & Reflect now live!



Dopamine is the metaphor of our age

We seek instant gratification. Online we fulfil our wildest and most superficial desires in a few clicks. Not only by buying (useless) stuff, but also in finding attention, likes, and, when we are completely overstimulated, in finding peace with mindfulness, yoga, or completely ‘off the Wi-Fi grid’ in nature. Disrupt and Reflect examines the economies behind the internet where our short-term needs are constantly being triggered and our impulse control is constantly being tested. The web project is alternately extremely over-stimulating and calming. It is a collection of creative and critical reflections in which the viewer becomes part of the mechanisms of acceleration and stillness of our digital society.

Disrupt & Reflect is a collaboration between curator Nadine RoestenburgIMPAKT and Fontys University of Applied Sciences. With contributions by: Anxious to Make (Emily & Liat), Katriona BealesRoos GroothuizenDasha IlinaAnnika KappnerDr. Gerald Moore and Pinar Yoldas.