HOUSERULES FOLLY will be a one afternoon event on 5th December 2015.

From 12 – 4 PM twenty-four artists will assemble at Queen Caroline’s Temple, a folly located in Kensington Gardens, to create an artwork that will be in constant flux as artists ‘imprint’ themselves on the work and in the temple.

Participating Artists Include:

Beatrice Vermeir, Nadia Berri, Ben Faga, Rejane Lhote, Erifili Missiou, Jeremy Lee, Victoria Burgher, Yiman Lin, Tom Pope, Andrea Hasler, Jack Catling, Luis Ignacio, Guy Haddon-Grant, Alice Shirley, Katriona Beales, James Blake, Gareth Fletcher, Jayne Lloyd, Cristina Pedreira, Matthew Hammond, Marcus Orlandi, Richard Baines, Robert Fung

The folly is located 2 minutes north of the original Serpentine Gallery.