Screening at the Photographers’ Gallery as part of Robot Vision Party


CIPHER is being screened as part of the Photographers’ Gallery Geekender – Robot Vision Party this Sat 26th Nov. CIPHER was made using a variant of Google’s Deep Dream (an artificial neural network) as part of some experiments with moving image and machine learning. 

Robot Vision Party celebrates the launch of Unthinking Photography, a new online programme unpacking computational culture exploring, mapping and responding to photography’s increasingly automated, networked life. Watch Blade Runner recreated by a neural network, play the Turing Test and interact with installations using eye trackers, modified printers and 3D scanners. 

All this and more while sipping specially designed algorithmic cocktails at the deep dream bar and music from special guests.

Katriona Beales
Terence Broad
Luba Elliott
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Ryo Ikeshiro
Carlos Molinero
3D Scanbot
Foxall Studio
South Bank Collective
and more…

CIPHER (2016) KBeales