(2013) install PAMI sm
<> (2013) install PAMI sm
(2013) K.Beales install PAMI 2 sm
<> (2013) K.Beales install PAMI 2 sm

>< / eifles (2013) moving image duration 2 min 05
exhibited on an adapted laptop

“Every technology contrived and conceived by man has the power to numb human awareness during the period of its first interiorization.” Marshall McLuhan (1962) ‘The Gutenberg Galaxy p.153
The material properties of digital display and how it might be changing us… Black mirror, black sun, selfies, re-presentation and inevitable narcissism?

Shown as part of ‘The Future Lasts a Long Time’, the Mental Furniture Industry group and FlatTimeHo at PAMI Festival 2013, London.