This isn’t a normal Sunday


‘This Isn’t a Normal Sunday’ (2012)
HD moving image duration 6mins11, shown as a projection with 2 channel audio

‘This isn’t a normal Sunday’ is part of a series embracing information excess. Rather than contesting the acceleration of information and the proliferation of images I desire to embrace panic, excess, proliferation, overload and attempt to re-enact this emphatically. I intentionally abandon all notion of narrative, gleefully overlapping and interrupting short videos with others totally out of place or context, not as a way of building a unity of meaning but as a way of reflecting on acceleration.
I overlap myriad pop-up windows on a computer screen. In each window is a different video – my own footage from Tokyo, Florence and the UK. All the videos playing together overload the computer’s memory — both audio and video stutter and start. The overlapped audio from the myriad of films becomes overloud, uncomfortable and unknowable — meaning subsumed within a whole lot of noise. “The media experiencer can no longer be figured as a ‘spectator’ standing apart from and overlooking a homogenous visual field. Rather he or she must parse multiple, windowed image sources as rhythmic patterns and as information fields” ['Post-Cinematic' by Shaviro (2009) p.81].

This video was made with support from the CCW Artists Moving Image Initiative Film Fund 2011-12 and a residency at Tokyo Wonder Site in March 2012. The residency was made possible by University of the Arts London and the British Council.